ELK showcases its independently developed product line to visiting foreign customers

On June 24, Vishnu Datt, sales director, Dr. Nitu Dogra, technical director, and Elizabeth M. Rath, product support director of BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt Ltd, a valued customer of ELK in India, arrived in Wuhan, China after ten hours.

One of the purposes of their trip was to visit ELK Biotechnology and discuss relevant cooperation matters. CEO Zexu Xia and two sales managers warmly welcomed their arrival.


At around 10:30 in the morning, Vishnu Datt and his team, who had just arrived at ELK Biotechnology company, visited the company's office department, production line, R&D laboratory, animal room, cell room, packaging room, etc. under the guidance of our company's technical director Ms. Luo, and explained in detail our company's five major technical platforms: immunology platform, molecular biology platform, pathology platform, animal model platform, and cell biology platform. Our company also showed customers the vigorous and energetic employees and a good corporate culture atmosphere.


During the visit, Mr. Vishnu Datt showed great interest in our company's Easystep ELISA kits. He also paid special attention to how the product was coated and packaged, and visited the ELISA kit coating and product packaging process. He introduced the relevant processes and links such as immunization of animals, cell fusion, culture, screening and preparation, and said that there must be key links in making ELISA KIT, and the key links must be well controlled.


After the visit, the customer listened to the company's special introduction by the lecturer, further understood the company's development, and gained confidence in our company. He happily expressed his views and ideas at the meeting, and the discussions between the two sides were very harmonious.


After the meeting, we learned that this was the first time for Mr. Vishn and his team to come to China. He showed great interest in traditional Chinese culture, so we introduced some Chinese culture to them and invited them to have lunch together and taste Chinese food.

ELK Biotechnology has been using real technology and real strength to win the recognization of customers. ELK Biotechnology makes scientific research easier.