Welcome Singapore Axil Scientific Pte Ltd to visit ELK Biotechnology

On June 21, 2024, Ms. Jennifer, Sales Director, and Qiu Ping, Product Manager of Axil Scientific Pte Ltd, Singapore, visited our company. CEO Mr. Zexu Xia , Sales Manager and all employees warmly welcomed Axil's visit. Led by Technical Director Ms. Luo, they visited the company's office department, production line, R&D laboratory, animal room, cell room, packaging room, etc., and explained in detail the five major technology platforms of our company,the five major technology platforms including: Immunology platform, molecular biology platform, pathology platform, animal model platform, and cell biology platform.

Singapore Axil Scientific Pte Ltd has been cooperating with our company for nearly a year, and the two sides have maintained a good cooperative relationship. Sales Director Ms. Jennifer and Product Manager Qiu Ping visited our office department, production line, R&D laboratory and packaging room, and expressed great praise and affirmation for our strict quality inspection system from R&D to production and shipment. She said: Our company has strict control over the product production process and is a rigorous and trustworthy company. We hope to have more in-depth cooperation in the future.

During the meeting, Technical Director Ms. Luo introduced the current status of our company. She mentioned: With the continuous development of the company, the company has added a lot of professional talents and purchased many of the latest experimental equipment. The quality of our products has been continuously improved.

Sales Director Ms. Jennifer expressed a strong interest in our company's Easystep ELISA kit.

Since its launch, ELK Biotechnology Easystep ELISA kits have received the praise and recognition of many customers due to its time-saving,less sampling, simple operation, stable and efficient, and the additional 2 standard strips.

In order to help customers meet their research needs in multiple fields, this year we have continued to invest in research and development on the basis of stable and reliable experimental methods, and increased product research and development in various fields. As of June, we have converted to more than Easystep ELISA kits, involving inflammation, cancer, metabolism, hormones and other fields, including sandwich and competitive method kits.


Both parties believed that this meeting deepened the understanding of the two companies, we will together achieve a win-win mutual benefit cooperation. Axil Scientific Pte Ltd has expressed the confident to help our company expand into the Singapore market.