Product Introduction

ELK Biotechnology provides 11,000+ high-quality antibodies validated by WB, IHC, IF, etc., covering human genomic targets. The products cover major areas of basic metabolic and translational research in the life sciences, including epigenetics and transcriptional regulation, metabolism and endocrinology, signal transduction, cell biology, cardiovascular, neuroscience, stem cells and development, tumor suppression, and apoptosis, inflammation, and immunity, and post-translational modification of proteins.


● Various types: polyclonal antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, labeling/control antibodies, acetylation/phosphorylation/methylation antibodies, etc.


●Wide range of applications: multiple reactive species (human, rat, mouse, rabbit, monkey, chicken, cattle, pig, etc.), can be applied to WB/IHC/IF/IP/FC/ELISA/ChIP and other experiments.


●  Full product information: including application range, reactivity, host source, immunogen information, use concentration, dilution ratio, etc., easy to query and reference.  Professional technical support pre-sale and after-sale service, worry-free after-sale return and exchange, escort your scientific research career.


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