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ELK Biotechnology New arrivals

 Mouse 25μL Micro-sample ELISA Kit



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ELKBiotechnology® has launched various types of high-sensitivity, high-accuracy, high-specificity and stability research kits since the first ELISA kit specifically for mouse protein detection was launched.


Mouse are commonly used experimental animals in scientific research experiments, but due to their small size and thin blood vessels, blood collection is difficult, and every drop of blood sample is particularly precious.


The Microsample series of ELISA kits launched by ELK Biotechnology reduce the standard loading volume of 100 μL to 25 μL. In the past, a blood sample from a mouse could only measure one or two indicators, but now the amount of measurable indicators is directly doubled.

At the same time, in order to facilitate the smooth transition of experimenters from traditional ELISA to Microsample series, we have comprehensively upgraded the entire kit.

It is reflected in the operation of the kit that, except for reducing the sample volume to 25μL, the subsequent experimental operations using the Microsample series are exactly the same as our traditional kits.

For example, if 100 μL of biotinylated antibody is added later, after changing to Microsample series, 100 μL of biotinylated antibody is still added, and there is no need to adapt to any other changes in the experimental system, which effectively saves the experimenters thinking time and cost. In order to help scientific researchers conduct project research in a more efficient way, increase the repeatability of experiments, and solve the pain point of insufficient mouse samples.

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Product advantage comparison


The circulating blood volume of an adult mouse is about 1.5~2.5ml, which is about 6~8% of body weight. When collecting blood from mouse with good nutritional status, the blood volume in a single time can reach up to 10% of the circulating blood volume, (for example: if a mouse is 20 grams, its total blood volume accounts for about 1.2-1.4 ml, that is, each time Taking 120ul-140ul of blood will not have much effect on the mouse). After blood collection, it should be supplemented with warm isotonic solution, which can restore the original level within 2 to 3 weeks. The blood collection volume was less than 10% of the blood circulation in two weeks, less than 7.5% in a single week, and the blood circulation of the mouse was 72ml/kg.


Excellent product performance


① Micro-sampling: only 25μL, (75% less sample than traditional)


②Easy to operate: only the sampling volume is changed, and other reagents are not changed (no need to relearn to adapt)


③ Customized specifications: 24T/48T/96T/96T*10 (flexible combination of various customized specifications)


④ Ultra-precision: the inter-assay difference and intra-assay coefficient of variation are both less than 8.5%


⑤ High sensitivity: pg level


⑥ High specificity: the cross-reaction rate is less than 5%


⑦ Excellent recovery rate: 85%--115%


⑧ High stability: After the kit is stored at different temperatures, the maximum use time is up to 1 year


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