Limitless™ ELZ Fushion kit
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25 rxn $196.00
50 rxn $240.00


Product name: Limitless™ ELZ Fushion kit
Introduction: Limitless™ ELZ Fushion Seamless Cloning Kit is a new, fast and efficient Gibson Assembly DNA directed cloning technology that allows multiple insertions of target genes at any position in any vector, eliminating the need for cloning. Dots and multiple cloning sites. The LimitlessTM ELZ Fushion Seamless Cloning Kit is extremely simple to operate, requiring only linearization of the vector, mixing with PCR-amplified fragments that are completely homologous to the vector (15-40 bp) and reacting at 37 °C. In hours, without enzymes, direct transformation can complete the cloning. The positive rate is over 95%.