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Product name: GoldView
Introduction: GoldView is a new type of DNA dye that can replace ethidium bromide (EB). Its sensitivity is equivalent to that of EB and the method of use is exactly the same. Double-stranded DNA shows green fluorescence under ultraviolet light, while single-stranded DNA shows red fluorescence. Through subcutaneous injection tests in mice, GoldView has not been found to have carcinogenic effects, and ethidium bromide (EB) is a strong carcinogen. Therefore, it is a wise choice to replace EB with GoldView.GoldView can detect 50ng-level DNA or RNA fragments. There are many excitation wavelengths, two of which are the strongest: 230nm and 490nm. Customers can adjust the ultraviolet wavelength to enhance its fluorescence intensity. This reagent is ready to use and easy to use. The entire operation process can be completed within a few minutes, making it easy to use.