Blood/Cell/Tissue Genomic DNA Extraction Kit
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50 T $108.00
200 T $302.00


Product name: Blood/Cell/Tissue Genomic DNA Extraction Kit
Introduction: The kit is suitable for extracting high purity total DNA from fresh or frozen animal tissues, cells, blood, bacteria and other samples. DNA fragments with a maximum molecular weight of 50 KB can be purified without the use of toxic solvents such as phenol or chloroform and ethanol precipitation. The optimized buffer system was used to efficiently and specifically bind DNA from the pyrolysis solution to the silica-based centrifugal adsorption column. PCR and other inhibitors of enzymatic reaction could be effectively removed by two-step washing steps. Finally. high purity DNA could be obtained by using low-salt buffer or water elution. The purified DNA can be directly used in enzyme digestion, PCR, Real-Time PCR, library construction, Southern Blot, molecular markers and other downstream experiments.
Advantage: Rapid purification yields high-quality, ready-to-use DNA. |Good repeatability and high output. |Effectively remove pollutants and inhibitors, which is convenient for downstream applications.

EP007 血液、细胞、组织基因组DNA提取试剂盒_01(1).png