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Max Plasmid Purification Kit

Catalog No. : EP003

Specification Price
10T $160
20T $230


Product name: Max Plasmid Purification Kit
Introduction: The kit uses a unique buffer system that combines with traditional isopropanol precipitation to quickly obtain large amounts of high-purity plasmid DNA. The plasmid DNA extracted using this kit can be applied to various routine operations, including digestion, PCR, sequencing, ligation, transformation, and transfection of various cells. It is recommended to use the amount of bacteria every time: the recommended amount of high-copy plasmid is 100 ml, the yield is generally about 200-1500 μg; the recommended amount of low-copy plasmid is 200 ml, and the yield is generally about 100-400 μg.
Storage: The kit can be stored for 12 months at room temperature (15–25 ° C) and at 2–8 ° C for longer periods of time.