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Stool Genome DNA Extraction KIT

Catalog No. : EP012

Specification Price
50T $220
200T $770


Product name: Stool Genome DNA Extraction KIT
Introduction: This product is suitable for separating total DNA from 180 to 220 mg of fresh or frozen human or animal feces. The genomic DNA, viral DNA, bacteria and parasite DNA of the human or animal in the dissolved feces can be bound to the nucleic acid purification column, and the degraded protein and PCR inhibitor are removed by filtration, and the genomic DNA is washed by WB and RP. After washing, it can be used in various molecular biology experiments by eluting with Buffer TE.
Storage: The kit can be stored for 12 months at room temperature (15–25 ° C) and at 2–8 ° C for longer periods of time.