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Whole Blood DNA MiniPrep Kit

Catalog No. : EP008

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50T $60
200T $200


Product name: Whole Blood DNA MiniPrep Kit
Introduction: This product can rapidly separate and purify genomic DNA from 200-400 μl of fresh or frozen human or animal whole blood within 15-20 min. The product does not use proteinase K, the lysis solution Solution BFL1 dissolves whole blood, and the hemoglobin is removed by Solution BFL2 precipitation. The genomic DNA in the supernatant can be bound to the purification column, and the protein remaining on the membrane is removed by washing with Buffer RP and Wash Buffer. After the PCR inhibitor, the genomic DNA is eluted with Elution Buffer and can be used immediately in various molecular biology experiments.
Storage: The kit can be stored for 12 months at room temperature (15–25 ° C) and at 2–8 ° C for longer periods of time.