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Plant Total RNA Extraction Kit

Catalog No. : EP018

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50T $199
200T $720


Product name: Plant Genomic RNA Extraction Kit
Introduction: The ground plant tissue is dissolved by the strong lysis solution and filtered to remove protein impurities and cell debris. Column purification technology efficiently removes residual protein and PCR inhibitors. After RNA is washed with solution RRPB and Solution RWB, it is eluted with RNase-Free ddH2O, which can be used in various molecular biology experiments.
Advantage: 1.The isolation and purification of plant total RNA can be completed within 30-50 minutes,
2.The specially designed lysate effectively resists the interference of polysaccharides in plant tissues on the extraction of total RNA.
3.The filter column technology quickly removes impurities in the tissue solubilization.
4.No need for phenol chloroform extraction
Storage: Store at 4℃