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500bp DNA Ladder

Catalog No. : EDL107

Specification Price
250μl $30
500μl $55


Product name: 500bp DNA Ladder
MolecularWeight: 500bp-5000bp
Introduction: 500 bp Ladder DNA Marker is composed of 8 DNA fragments with a length of 500 bp to 5,000 bp. dissolved in 1×Loading Buffer, and can be used for direct electrophoresis of 5-10 μl during used, which is very convenient to use.
Advantages: Two optimized Loading Buffer dyes are added without blocking the brightness of DNA band fluorescence. Strips are fine-tuned, and every clip is clear enough.
Note: 1. When the width of the sample well during electrophoresis is less than 5 mm, a clear band can be obtained by taking 5 μl Marker electrophoresis each time. If the sample hole is widened, the sampler volume of Marker must be increased appropriately.

2. For DNA electrophoresis, the purity of Agarose greatly affects the clarity of DNA bands. Therefore, the best quality Agarose should be used for electrophoresis. The recommended gel concentration is 1% to 2%.

3. When performing Agarose electrophoresis, the concentration of Agarose is closely related to the separation performance of DNA fragments. The greater the concentration of Agarose, the better the separation performance of short DNA; conversely, the smaller the concentration of Agarose, the more favorable for the separation of long DNA.