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Viral RNAclean Kit

Catalog No. : EP017

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50T $286
100T $450


Product name: Viral RNAclean Kit
Introduction: The body fluid sample is digested with proteinase K to release the denatured protein to release the viral nucleic acid, and then supplemented with column purification nucleic acid technology to adsorb the viral nucleic acid on the purification column. After washing the purification column with Buffer WB, the impurities and PCR inhibitors remaining on the purification column can be completely removed. The nucleic acid on the purification column can be directly eluted with Buffer TE, and can be directly used in various molecular biology experiments.
Advantage: The preparation of viral DNA or viral RNA in body fluids can be completed within 20-40 minutes.
Supplemented Carrier RNA effectively improves virus detection sensitivity
Compared with the traditional boiling method, the sensitivity of virus DNA extraction is increased by more than 10-50 times, up to 50 copies / ml.
Compared with the traditional Trizol method, the sensitivity of virus RNA extraction is increased by 5-10 times, up to 100 copies / ml.
No need for phenol chloroform extraction and isopropanol precipitation step.
Storage: -20℃ protected from light