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EnTurbo™ SYBR Green PCR SuperMix(High ROX Premixed)

Catalog No. : EQ006

Specification Price
20μL×500 rxns $210


Product name: EnTurbo™ SYBR Green PCR SuperMix(High ROX Premixed)
Product Introduction: EnTurbo ™ SYBR Green PCR SuperMix is an optimized 2x real-timePCR master mix containing HotStarTaq DNA Polymerase, SYBR Green 丨 fluorescent dye, dNTP, Mg2 + and High Rox. In addition, the balanced K + and NH4 + ion ratio in the buffer solution can promote specific primer annealing and ensure highly sensitive and specific PCR reactions. Simply add primers and cDNA templates to the ready-to-use PCR master mix to start the reaction Greatly simplify the operation process and reduce the probability of contamination. The unique PCR buffer ensures sensitive qPCR on all real-timePCR instruments without optimization.
Advantage: "1.Get results up to 50% faster
2.Optimized ready-to-use master mix for rapid PCR reactions
3.Accurate detection of various starting amounts of templates, stable amplification, quantitative results with high repeatability
4.Balanced K+ and NH4+ ion ratios, as well as stand-alone ROX Reference Dye packaging for all real-time PCR instruments"