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Gene Synthesis Service

Gene synthesis

Gene synthesis is a technique of synthesizing genes by artificial methods, which is one of the means of gene acquisition. Compared with obtaining genes from existing organisms, gene synthesis requires no template and is not restricted by gene source.Gene synthesis enables powerful solutions for molecular cloning, creating fusion proteins, or achieving sufficiently high protein expression levels.

Our advantages

Fast turnaround time with 100% sequence accuracy guarantee

Over 96% success rate with "No Gene, No Charge" policy

Gene Synthesis Service covering any Length or Complexity

Site directed mutagenesis service starting from $146

Free codon optimization and free cloning into many standard vectors

Price and delivery time




Typically Shipped

Minigene 25-500bp

4 µg


5 business days

Gene 501-8000bp

4 µg


501-1000bp 7 business days

4 µg

1001-2000bp 7-10 business days

4 µg

2001-5000bp 10-20 business days

4 µg

5001-8000bp 20-25 business days

Gene 8000bp

4 µg

Please Inquire

Note: Genes ≤8000 bp will be delivered dry in a circularized plasmid and normalized to 4 µg final yield.* For genes ˃8000 bp, please contact us.